Are you considering homeschooling your child in Virginia this fall? I this video I cover the top 5 things you need to know in order to get started homeschooling in Virginia. I include legal requirements, how to file your notice of intent, what the compulsory age for children in Virginia is, and even how to file for religious excemption.

Introduction to Homeschooling in Virginia

Homeschooling, a concept that might seem daunting to many, is the practice of educating children outside the traditional school environment, usually within the home. Virginia, with its rich history and diverse culture, has become a hub for homeschooling families. But why is homeschooling gaining traction in Virginia?

The Rise of Homeschooling in Virginia

Historical Perspective

Homeschooling in Virginia isn't a new phenomenon. It has roots that date back to colonial times when formal schools were scarce. Families took it upon themselves to educate their children, ensuring they were well-prepared for the challenges of life.

Current Trends

Fast forward to today, and homeschooling has evolved into a well-structured and organized system. With advancements in technology and a plethora of resources available, more and more families in Virginia are opting for homeschooling. The reasons vary, from dissatisfaction with the traditional school system to seeking a more personalized learning experience for their children.

Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Virginia

Navigating the legal maze can be tricky, but with the right information, it becomes manageable.

Notification Process

Before embarking on the homeschooling journey in Virginia, parents must notify their local school division. This is a crucial step to ensure you're compliant with state regulations.

Curriculum Standards

Virginia doesn't mandate a specific curriculum for homeschoolers. However, it's essential to ensure that the chosen curriculum covers the basics like math, science, history, and language arts.

Testing and Evaluations

Regular evaluations are a part of the homeschooling process in Virginia. These can be in the form of standardized tests or an evaluation by a licensed teacher.

Benefits of Homeschooling in Virginia

Personalized Learning

One of the most significant advantages of homeschooling is the ability to tailor the learning experience to the child's needs. This personalized approach ensures that the child's strengths are amplified, and weaknesses are addressed.

Flexibility and Freedom

Homeschooling offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether it's taking a day off to visit a museum or adjusting the learning pace, homeschooling in Virginia provides families with the freedom to choose.

Stronger Family Bonds

Homeschooling often leads to stronger family ties. With more time spent together, families can engage in meaningful conversations and activities, strengthening their bond.

Challenges Faced by Homeschooling Families in Virginia

Socialization Concerns

One common concern is the lack of socialization opportunities for homeschooled children. However, with local support groups and extracurricular activities, this challenge can be overcome.

Time and Commitment

Homeschooling requires a significant time commitment from parents. It's essential to be prepared for this responsibility and ensure that you can dedicate the required time.

Financial Implications

While homeschooling can be cost-effective compared to private schools, there are still expenses to consider, such as curriculum materials and extracurricular activities.

Resources for Homeschooling in Virginia

Local Support Groups

Virginia boasts a vibrant homeschooling community. Local support groups can provide guidance, resources, and a sense of belonging.

Online Communities

The internet is a treasure trove of resources for homeschooling families. From online courses to forums, there's a wealth of information available.

Curriculum Providers

Choosing the right curriculum is crucial. Virginia has several curriculum providers catering to different learning styles and preferences.

Success Stories: Homeschooling in Virginia

Notable Alumni

Many homeschooled students from Virginia have gone on to achieve remarkable feats, from excelling in academics to making a mark in the arts and sports.

Achievements and Recognitions

Homeschooled students often participate in national and international competitions, bringing laurels to the state.

Transitioning from Homeschooling to College

College Admissions for Homeschooled Students

Colleges and universities are increasingly recognizing the value homeschooled students bring. With a well-documented portfolio, homeschooled students can gain admission to top-tier institutions.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Homeschooled students in Virginia have access to various scholarships and financial aid opportunities, ensuring that higher education remains accessible.


What are the legal requirements for homeschooling in Virginia? Parents must notify their local school division, choose a suitable curriculum, and ensure regular evaluations.

How do I choose the right curriculum for homeschooling in Virginia? Consider your child's learning style, your teaching style, and your educational goals. Research and consult local support groups for recommendations.

Are homeschooled students eligible for sports and extracurricular activities in Virginia? Yes, homeschooled students can participate in sports and extracurricular activities offered by their local public schools.

How do colleges view homeschooled students from Virginia? Colleges recognize the unique perspectives and skills homeschooled students bring. A well-documented portfolio can enhance admission chances.

What resources are available for homeschooling families in Virginia? From local support groups to online communities and curriculum providers, Virginia offers a plethora of resources for homeschooling families.

How can I ensure my child gets enough social interaction while homeschooling in Virginia? Participate in local support groups, enroll your child in extracurricular activities, and organize playdates with other homeschooling families.


Homeschooling in Virginia offers a unique and enriching educational experience. With the right resources and commitment, it can be a rewarding journey for both parents and children. As the homeschooling community in Virginia continues to grow, the future looks bright for those who choose this path.